Members debut at livestock judging contest

Published 6:01 pm Saturday, March 19, 2022

Members of the Buckingham FFA Chapters competed at the Block and Bridle Livestock Judging Contest held on the campus of Virginia Tech on February 25.

Members of the Livestock Judging Team had to place livestock based on their conformation and or performance data. In simpler terms, ranking the animals best to worst based on their characteristics. The contest consisted of beef, sheep, swine and goat classes. This is an important skill because livestock producers need to select the best animals for their herds and in the end, best qualities for the food supply chain.

Members of the Buckingham Senior Team were Jordan Dorrier, Tyler Padgett, Emma Staton and Tanner Wise. The team completed in the Senior, Non-Reasons Division and the team placed fifth overall in the Swine Judging Division and 10th overall. Jordan Dorrier placed second in the Beef Judging Division and placed third overall as an individual. 

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The Buckingham Middle School Team also competed in the Livestock Judging Contest in the Junior, Non-Reasons Division. The team placed 10th overall. Team members included Trevor Carter, Luke Gilliam and Mollie Walker.

Henry Paris coached the teams.