Letter to the Editor — Media censorship

Published 11:35 am Wednesday, March 30, 2022

To the Editor:

Media censorship is politically motivated, canceling individuals who speak and think outside the ideology of media and big tech oligarchs who have found themselves in the unique position to control speech and ideas that fit only certain agendas. At one time in the United States, media outlets were not monopolized. Radio, TV, and newspapers all had to be fairly distributed among many owners. It was possible for all of us to read and hear news and opinions with different points of view. Media outlets were the check and balance to an overpowering political arm of our government – our fourth estate.

Somewhere it all changed and investors bought and controlled many outlets. News became slanted and political, oriented to the ideologies and thoughts of only a few wealthy owners. Americans lost a valuable resource helping to maintain our most basic freedom – our ability to think and act and speak freely and independently – our individuality. Politicians traded the freedom of information for political capital given to them by lobbyists working for these same few wealthy individuals and in doing so, handed the power over to them to control our vary thoughts.

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The freedom to speak and inform (and be informed) fairly is a basic right. Those people we elect to manage our government must work to de-monopolize large tech media companies and news outlets. Only in this way do Americans have any chance to once again, judge fairly events we witness, and hold those responsible for them (including our elected officials) accountable.

Peter Kapuscinski