Letter to the Editor — Do we want Ukraine to win?

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, March 30, 2022

To the Editor:

Does Joe Biden really want Ukraine to win? This is our chance to rid the world of the Russian threat.

Yet the administration is hesitant and takes half measures. They refuse to shut down Russian gas and oil, which continues to fund their barbaric war against a sovereign nation. Our allies are relying on Russian energy and there is no bloody reason for that. The U.S. has all the oil and natural gas needed to provide for ourselves and Europe.

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They refuse to shut down all avenues for financial transactions. They refuse to provide Ukraine with the planes they need to protect their own air space and to stop the bombings that are killing their people. They are fighting this war to save their country and to hold back the Russians from the rest of Europe. This is a war for the West and the West is permitting Ukraine to be devastated in the process.

There are those who are pressuring Ukraine to “end” the war, not “win” it. This would mean “concessions” to the Russians and will encourage future aggression. Concessions are “appeasement” and we see how well that worked with another madman, Adolf Hitler.

China, North Korea and Iran are watching and will be making decisions based on our strength or weakness.

Lucy Klaus