Letter — Americans are privileged

Published 5:40 pm Thursday, March 17, 2022

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article titled Vaccination Clinic Held, published in your newspaper on March 10. Seeing as parts of the country have disproportional access to vaccines, it is critical to allow for spaces where they are easily accessible and available. There may be constricting factors that make it hard for individuals to receive free vaccines in our country. Sometimes what we may view as private troubles are public issues. Though every unvaccinated person may not take advantage of the opportunity, the prominent point is that they have the option. The great thing about living in our country and a first-world nation is that we can pop up free vaccination clinics with less trouble than countries that are simply struggling to procure enough vaccines. Third-world countries receive pushback or struggle to find doses. When they do have vaccines, it is not a guarantee that everyone will have enough for two — to be fully vaccinated; as Americans, we are abundantly privileged to be at a threshold to receive effective booster shots. It warms my heart to see people offering these amenities to help the community. The things we see impact us, and the helping hand reaching out in the community may have influenced someone else’s life.

Ashley Handy

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