Devotional — Faith: Foundation of life

Published 12:15 pm Saturday, March 26, 2022

Qadir Abdus-Sabur

As the weather warms and the spring flowers and grasses begin to grow, farmers and home gardeners prepare to sow seed and plant new fruits, vegetables and flowers to enjoy later in the year. Repeated annually, the significance of this ritualistic practice can escape our conscious minds.

We do not know if our garden will receive enough water and sunlight to produce abundantly. Yet, we prepare our soil with fertilizer, lime and compost as though we never doubt a successful yield. We plant our garden having faith that The Almighty will provide a wholesome environment that is most beneficial for agricultural success.

We have a verse in scripture which says, “How can you reject faith in The Almighty? — seeing that you were without life, and He gave you life”; (Qur’an 2:28). Now, these words provide us with “food for thought.”

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We meet our spouse, get married and start a family. We cannot see our future — be it difficult or easy. Yet we have faith that The Almighty will provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for the total growth and development of our marriage and our children.

As time passes, life’s challenges disturb our inner peace. Sometimes the obstacles are so great that they may seem insurmountable. These are times that we must remember that faith is the foundation of life; “For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Even when we experience unpleasant circumstances which are perceived as beyond our control — faith help us to stay the course.

As scenes of violence, injustice and human oppression play themselves out on our global stage, we have only to cling to our faith and work cooperatively toward social justice for all to fully understand the dynamic dimension of faith. The passing of time attests to the rewards

Consider, for example, the enslavement of African people or the forced removal of Native American children from their families. In both cases through faith in The Almighty, the oppressed people were relieved of their burdens.

Just as the farmer plants seeds having faith that our Creator can provide an environment for natural growth and development, so too, must we face our life’s challenges with faith.

No matter how difficult our circumstances or our inability to see a solution, The Almighty sees all and has power over everything. His omnipotence is enough to guide and protect us. Faith empowers wholesome life.

QADIR ABDUS-SABUR, PH.D. is an Imam at the Islamic Center of Prince Edward. His email address is