Letter — With friends like these

Published 5:27 pm Thursday, February 10, 2022

To the Editor:

On Jan. 31, Delegate James E. Edmunds was blindsided by his Republican colleagues on the Virginia House finance subcommittee when they voted to shelve the measure he introduced (HB63) that would provide for our county’s elementary school students. Citizens, parents and elected officials spent much of the fall pushing for ways to address the inadequate infrastructure in the local elementary school and Del. Edmunds heard Prince Edward County’s call for help. Sadly, it appears that Delegates Byron, Orrock, Freitas, Robinson and Runion find the conditions in our schools acceptable.

Prince Edward County is a vibrant community filled with caring citizens who want the best for the children of our area. It seems that the delegates on the finance subcommittee do not agree. I wonder if Del. Edmunds is going to find himself at loggerheads with his so-called friends more often as he fights for our residents. We in Prince Edward are ready to move forward into a bold new future for our educational system, I just hope our statehouse will join us.

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If you would like to express your displeasure to these elected officials, their aids stand ready to hear our concerns. In particular, it would likely be helpful to contact Delegates Robinson and Kilgore in their capacity as Finance Subcommittee Chairs and Majority leader, respectively. Concerned citizens of Prince Edward County should reference HB63 and request that it be reconsidered to allow our county to take care of our students.

Robinson, Roxann L. (Chair of Finance Subcommittee) (804) 698-1127 (804) 698-1027 DelRRobinson@house.virginia.gov

Runion, Chris

(804) 698-1125 (540) 255-0504 DelCRunion@house.virginia.gov

Kilgore, Terry G. (Majority Leader) (804) 698-1101 (276) 386-7011 DelTKilgore@house.virginia.gov

Joshua Blakely