Letter — Slaughterhouse issue is not about race

Published 5:43 pm Friday, February 25, 2022

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To the Editor:

As I listened to the Feb. 8, Prince Edward Board of Supervisors meeting concerning the slaughterhouse/meat packing facility, I thought that the concern that the community laid out was very compelling. The issue was put off by the Board for 30 days, to obviously research and get more information on the projected proposal. However, as this was agreed upon by the other Board members for the 30 day review, I was totally floored as to the statement of one of our Board of Supervisors.

I want you to know the statement made was in my opinion totally out of line. It was also agreed to by the Chair of the Board. The comment had nothing to do with the slaughterhouse/meat packing plant. They without any further research and without any concern for the community have already made up their minds about the application.

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I also want you to know that Mr. Sabur gave a very articulate and straight forward presentation.  It was never about him, it was about the slaughterhouse/meat packing facility and its impact on our neighbors and neighborhood.

Our community is very diversified and everyone seems to get along and help each other. This was never about race but was about a facility that was not in line with the neighborhood and the facility being put in a residential area.

We still do not have any answers as to how this will have a long term impact. People who signed the petition and showed up to the meeting were very diversified. All religions, races and colors.

Because of the statements made by the two Board members, I feel they need to abstain from a vote, as their issues do not pertain to the proposed application at hand. I do not feel that there could be a fair representation from members, with racism now taking precedent. There is no room for this type of commentary of someone who is suppose to lead. Be a leader, bring people together. Stick to the subject, not your own personal feelings.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.

I would appreciate feedback.

Shawnie Hollowell

Darlington Heights