The Word — Seeking God’s guidance in our lives

Published 10:15 am Sunday, January 23, 2022

On the north end of Holliday Lake, there are a few spots where streams cross the Lakeshore Trail. Depending on recent precipitation, these can be small trickling creeks or much larger flows.

Across one of these streams is a makeshift footbridge, which sometimes can be clearly seen, but is sometimes underwater if the stream is running high.

Like this small bridge, there is heavenly guidance available to each of us to provide a path across troubled waters.

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First, daily prayer is a must. Carrying a humble prayer in our heart at all times shows God that we are ready for Him to show us the way.

Second, regular gospel study is the way to see how Heavenly Father has interacted with His children in times past, and to open our hearts to hear His voice in our lives today.

President Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently taught: “The voices and pressures of the world are engaging and numerous. But too many voices are deceptive, seductive, and can pull us off the covenant path. To avoid the inevitable heartbreak that follows, I plead with you today to counter the lure of the world by making time for the Lord–each and every day.”

President Nelson went on to encourage us to make time for the Lord every day by making time for prayer, gospel study,and fixing our focus on Jesus Christ: “Talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, feast upon the words of Christ, and press forward with steadfastness in Christ.”

Perhaps most importantly, as we draw closer to God, we can have the Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead, to guide us. The Spirit can reveal to us directly what God wants us to do.

President Nelson elaborated: “Ask your Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, how He feels about you and your mission here on earth. If you ask with real intent, over time the Spirit will whisper the life-changing truth to you…I promise you that when you begin to catch even a glimpse of how your Heavenly Father sees you and what He is counting on you to do for Him, your life will never be the same!”

Finally, even though the trail sign points in that direction, sometimes the footbridge can be difficult to see. We know the general way, but we don’t have the exact path laid out for us.

Likewise, even with prayer and seeking inspiration, we don’t always have exact knowledge about what to do. At such times, we do our best, trust in the Lord, and take a leap of faith, believing that God will open doors and make the path clear in His own due time.

In this season of new year’s resolutions, may we each make time for the Lord and open the door to His guidance in our lives through prayer, gospel study and listening for the Spirit’s promptings.

DR. BRENT ROBERTS is the Elders Quorum President in the Sandy River Branch, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and also Dean of Greenwood Library at Longwood University. He can be reached at brentsroberts@