Letter — Knock, Knock! Who’s there? ‘An existing problem’

Published 10:44 am Friday, January 14, 2022

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To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of consulting with the Farmville Town Council and others about the continuous flooding of the Appomattox River, Buffalo Creek and Prince Edward Creek in Farmville. This flooding places a hardship on passenger cars, trucking industries and the receipt of goods and services. Why? It is because there is only one bridge into and out of Cumberland (from Farmville) in the event of a flood. Businesses must flourish in a proper manner to allow the success of their suppliers and their own survival. Detours to avoid the bridge are extensive and expensive — leading to late work, late produce, late cargo of lumber, etc. Why should we endure this — we pay taxes!

Please indulge me for a moment: if there is a fire or an impending birth, emergency services would be in distress. These hypothetical situations call for serious action just across the bridge from Farmville but the bridge is flooded. What are they to do?

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There are businesses that exist who see a hard time from the flooding. They exist only by determination — looking for betterment. Some have even existed for over 25 years and have weathered the storm; this is an important factor in the existence of Farmville.

Much of Farmville was built on a flood plain, so now water cannot soak into the earth due to pavement, concrete and unacceptable drainage. There is far more rain in this area than droughts; flooding has increased by 20%. This can be proven from data and extreme single-day rain events.

A proposal was made by Ralph Northam and passed by the legislature in 2021 for funds to be allocated toward waterways. The American Relief Plans have allocated a large amount of money toward waterways. The State of Virginia has allocated a sum of funds for the same projects. Even the Army Corps of Engineers has personally requested that note be made that they have a “Silver Jacket” fund to assist such situations [Michelle.Ihamor@USace.Armv.mil]. What’s the problem?

Recent talk with citizens gave me insight on a previous “flood gate” which went to waste on the Appomattox near Farmville. This is something! There were hopes for insertion of a dredge system which would give better water flow. So much, but so little from our representatives. I’m knocking at the door, will you let me in?


L. Talib Din