Year of the tiger

Published 1:32 pm Thursday, December 30, 2021

The lunar new year is celebrated in many cultures, but perhaps no celebration garners as much attention as China’s.

The fanfare begins each year around the beginning of February. The Chinese New Year is marked by 12 zodiac symbols, which are rotated on a 12-year cycle.

2022 is The Year of the Tiger, a zodiac sign last celebrated in 2010. The tiger holds the third sign of the Chinese zodiac, based on the tenacity he showed in crossing the perilous river during the Chinese Zodiac Race. The Jade Emperor didn’t know which big cat to include in the race, with the mighty lion garnering consideration. However, the lion’s raging temper repelled the Emperor, so the tiger was chosen instead.

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The tiger has been a prominent symbol in Chinese culture. It is known as the king of all beasts, and is a symbol of strength, bravery and exorcising evils. People born during a Tiger year may live to seek adventure and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They also may be a little reckless and restless. Tigers have big energies and are fiercely independent, according to Chinese astrologer Tiffany Lin. Enterprising and risk-takers, Tigers may be natural born entrepreneurs.

The Year of the Tiger is cause for celebration, and this year’s festivities begin on February 1.