Letter — The power of the mask

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

To the Editor:

Mao Zedong was a cruel and ruthless Communist leader. Together with other practices fostered by communist ideologues in his day, he forced a standard dress code. Everyone dressed alike – either in blue or green – but nevertheless, alike. People were no longer allowed to look different or act individually. If they did, they were subjected to public humiliation, social separation and ultimately much worse. From the time of his indoctrination to the day he took control, he pushed the idea that personal wealth and individualism was the enemy of “the people,” until finally, the people followed sheepishly into work camps that were authorized by him and his regime.

Here in America, today, some of our politicians and many bureaucrats are making public statements that mandated masking is permanent. People wearing masks walking in crowds of others wearing masks all look the same. Differences in facial features are gone, and with them individual appearances. Americans are known for their individualism and that spirit has created great American leadership and kept freedom at the forefront of our culture. Unfortunately, there are those who would like to radically change it all, in favor of having Americans become followers. It is not a significant stretch to draw a parallel between Mao’s forced dress code and the one being designed here. There is no distance between loosing individualism and loosing freedom, and while there are those who may consider wearing masks beneficial, it should be an individual choice and not a government ordered mandate.

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Peter Kapuscinski