Letter — The Herald neglected Pearl Harbor Day

Published 11:13 am Wednesday, December 15, 2021

To the Editor:

Was it intentional or simply forgetfulness which excluded Pearl Harbor from the paper last week? There was not one mention on the eighth or the tenth, of the day which changed the trajectory of American and world history forever. Dec. 7, and of course the Dec. 8, on the other side of the international date line, was at least worth a few lines of respect for the dead and a nod to the incredible importance of the day.

I mentioned this to someone, and their reaction was even more disappointing. They didn’t even know about Pearl Harbor. I was floored. But you can see how we arrived here; the kids don’t care, almost all the WWII vets have passed, and events or things in life which are important in so many ways clearly no longer mean anything to some people.

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There is a tremendous disconnect today, especially obvious in America, between things that matter and reality on the one hand and ease of convenient life and things that don’t matter on the other. And it is absolutely disgusting that so many people have chosen the ease of what they believe American life should be over the obvious fact that life is supposed to be hard. We are meant to remember things like Pearl Harbor if for only the sole fact that it’s effect on America and the rest of the world is such that it’s almost impossible to explain. Almost.

So, a belated Pearl Harbor Day to all of you. There are people who will never forget. Know your history, it’s the catalyst for everything. It was incredibly disrespectful to neglect Pearl Harbor Day.

Tom Noehren