JRSYFL Prince Edward Youth Football Playoffs

Published 8:02 am Thursday, November 4, 2021

On Saturday, Oct. 30, the Prince Edward Youth Football teams received their treats for Halloween as they participated in the playoffs of the James River/Southside Youth Football League (JRSYFL). The flag football team, ages 5-7, started the day with a win over Buckingham with a score of 39-8 and was crowned as the James River District Flag Champions.

The Minors team, ages 8-9, followed with an exciting 19-13 win in overtime over Buckingham to become the James River District Minors Champions. The Junior Varsity team, ages 10-11, unfortunately was ruled ineligible for the playoffs and was unable to play. In a show of sportsmanship before the game, Charlotte County JV carried the Prince Edward Jerseys to the coin toss to recognize the team’s efforts for this year and that they should have been present to play.

The Flag and Minor teams will now take on the winners of the Southside District in the JRSYFL Super Bowl in Buckingham on Nov. 13.

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The Town of Farmville Recreation Department is sponsoring Youth Football and Cheerleading for residents of Farmville and Prince Edward County. For information about youth football or additional programs, please contact Thomas Woodson, Recreation Director, at (434)808-2538 or at twoodson@farmvilleva.com.