Letter — What do Americans do?

Published 8:13 pm Sunday, October 17, 2021

To the Editor:

Americans are generally “peaceful” people — at least to a point. Mostly, we ‘re content to do our fighting in the media or at a voting booth. We’re different from many other countries that way — at least until talk and debate are no longer viable.

Americans faced domestic violence in the past. Consider the American Revolution that resulted after England royalty chose to continuously ignore the complaints of their colonists. In 1812, Americans rose to the occasion again when England brought their navy to our shores threatening to take back our newly formed country. Later, we battled against each other in a bloody Civil War brought about by questions regarding the power of the federal government to control state government. Fortunately, that war ended the horrible practice of slavery and resulted in the emancipation of those held in bondage.

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In the early 1900s, workers who were horribly mistreated rose up against corporations and those challenges were met with violence and destruction. That “war” resulted in the creation of the most powerful unions and union leaders the world would ever see.

In the middle and late 1960s Martin Luther King organized peaceful marches protesting the inequity our African American brothers and sisters were experiencing. Riots broke out in big cities all over the United States. Police and state militia were sent to intervene. But buildings were burned and looted and people died — many violently — until our Federal and local leadership began to pay attention.

Today, in contrast, politically motivated elected officials and their AGs allow mayhem to go unanswered while cities, personal property and even lives, are destroyed — all in the name of hate for America. Add to this, the government overreach that has termed good people, domestic terrorists because they choose to speak out against elected officials who support this destructive activity. Parents are being called terrorists because they stand up against the indoctrination of their children by schools that push their divisive agendas. And folks who speak out against unconstitutional mandates that so called WOKE corporations use as an excuse to fire them, are also being branded.

Elected officials — local and federal — work for the government. They are not the government. Once that fact is lost, chaos results unleashing untethered and unplanned change — mayhem. Elected officials, their bureaucrat partners, as well as every freedom loving American should quake at the thought of it being allowed to continue.

Peter Kapuscinski