Letter — Drivers must obey the law

Published 12:28 pm Thursday, October 21, 2021

To the Editor:

The hit and run accident this week that resulted in the deaths of an Amish couple must not be ignored. It is time for the citizens of Cumberland, Buckingham and Prince Edward to demand that their local police departments confront this issue of reckless driving in their counties. I routinely travel Rt. 45/S/Cumberland Road. I am routinely put at risk by individuals who think they are above the law. I am tailgated and passed on solid lines by aggressive drivers who blow their horns and offer offensive salutes. I for one am sick of it. And I am sickened at yet more senseless deaths. I offer the following suggestions: police need to increase their patrols of Cumberland Road, make their presence very obvious, set up radar routinely and perhaps even hold some traffic stops during busy hours. Police need to get peoples’ attention once and for all. I think police departments should also enlist the assistance of our state police in these activities. I urge everyone, every citizen, to contact your local police department and demand more police presence. The penalties for violators need to be tough – no more reducing charges and wrist slapping. I want my police department to focus on ensuring that drivers obey the law. I was physically ill this morning after reading the account of the buggy accident. Citizens, make that call to your police departments, please.

Beverly Speas

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