LETTER – Support fair-minded candidates

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, September 29, 2021

To the Editor,

Vote as empowered citizens. Support our beloved veterans and military families. To serve in the military ranks, soldiers are honor-minded.

Chain of command is embraced for the success of their specialized campaigns. We, the voters, are bitter and angry that most elected “politicians” are taking their marching orders from shadow business powers. For those of us from military families, we have profound appreciation for any service — performed with character distinction. No disguises.

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Concerning state officials who are running for re-election, insist on knowing, “where are you working for Virginia’s strength?” Easy to evaluate their recent on-the-job behavior. Virginia legislators serve two-year terms, part-time. What is the quality of their personal daily work? Right livelihood values should prevail.

District 59 includes Buckingham, Appomattox and Campbell counties, where we have an exceptional newcomer delegate candidate. Dr. Ben Moses served 10 years as an Army surgeon. “Dr. Ben,” a UVA Hospital surgeon, is quite the expert for holistic community outreach. Moses informs that physicians serve their patients without cultural bias or sinister party politics. Service above self. And for the honor-minded military forces, service to one’s country is their greatest spiritual duty.

The House of Delegates should be 100 members strong. Delegates craft the state budget every winter session, appropriating resources to every community. They do work critical to us all. Support talented, fair-minded candidates dedicated to building the Commonwealth’s grass-roots strength.

Katherine Thimnakis