Letter – Infrastructure bill has more to do with social justice

Published 9:43 am Monday, August 2, 2021

To the Editor:

With utmost respect, Editor (Roger) Watson may want to consider that Republicans and Democrats have been replaced by conservatives and liberals — as well as a third kind of Marxist political activist that can be labeled radical.

Editor Watson stereotypes “Republicans” as individuals who are seeking to make Virginia something short of excellent while he, at the same time, chooses to tout a “radical” infrastructure bill that is enormously expensive, and that has much more to do with social justice than infrastructure.

One might choose to much more carefully search out what the conservatives are trying to tell us about this bill and what the radicals are pushing forward while promoting their hatred and destruction, not just of Virginia, but of American democracy in general.

Any bill that pushes racial inequality and unfairly represents individuals of a particular skin color does nothing to help our great commonwealth or our country advance itself.

And, by the way, arguing to make voting less secure is not the same as making it easier. Perhaps Editor Watson would want to consider what radical Marxists leaders are promoting and mention that some have actually been reported as having spent donated money on personal possessions most likely not part of the charter for their organization.

There’s plenty of news fodder to go around, and it’s not hard to find. And if our local media leadership wishes to help with transparency, it might be good to see them opine on these issues as well.

Peter Kapuscinski