It’s great to see Farmville return to life again

Published 6:00 am Friday, July 23, 2021

Walking the streets of Farmville the weekend of July 17, one couldn’t help but think back to last year at this time when birds chirping and an occasional automobile were the only sounds to break the eerie silence of quiet weekend mornings in a downtown stifled by an almost year-long lockdown.

On North Street, familiar faces lined the Farmville Farmers Market as residents purchased handmade bouquets, soaps, fresh vegetables and peach ice cream. Over on West Third Street, Three Roads Brewing customers sat with their furry friends while enjoying a crisp Cashmere IPA.

Cyclists, runners and even horseback riders were enjoying the newly-reopened High Bridge, several of whom stopped at Walker’s Diner on Main Street for a couple of eggs or a short stack.

Way down towards South Main Street, the alleys of Main St. Lanes were alive once more with the crash of bowling balls knocking down pins.

Over on Sunchase Boulevard, an aunt and nephew contemplated which movie they would see at the Sunchase Cinema 8 movie theater.

Street after street, residents gathered to take part in activities once taken for granted. The simple pleasures of life which largely could not happen one year ago have finally returned.

No, the pandemic is not over, but what a lovely sight to see how far we’ve come.