Water is flowing again

Published 11:24 am Monday, June 7, 2021

Water is flowing again through Farmville’s water system to the town water customers following a morning outage that drained the town’s water reserves and left the residents under a boil advisory.

Farmville Public Works Director Robin Atkins said the leak was located Monday morning in a private line used by a company off Industrial Park Road. The pipe was behind a locked gate which meant town crews working overnight to locate the leak had no access to find it.

Atkins said it could take up to two days for the town’s water tanks to completely refill, but customers should not notice a difference in water pressure.

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Because of the low water levels that could have introduced bacteria into the system, town water customers will remain under a boil advisory under state testing shows the water is safe to drink. Water must be boiled for at least a minute before being used to drink, put into beverages or food or used for ice.

Farmville Town Manager Dr. Scott Davis said the town is working with the state of Virginia to get access to bottled water resources. He said he anticipates town residents being able to pick up bottled water at a specified location later Monday.