Letter — Has drilling for gold already begun?

Published 9:39 am Thursday, June 3, 2021

To the Editor:

It would seem that the core drilling has already started, or has it?

This may be one of those “need to know” topics that are so cherished by Buckingham’s legacy elite. It may be an “executive matter” that is not appropriate for public exposure or consumption. Any mention of it would jeopardize the county’s bargaining position.

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Has anyone explained how the Gold Hill school property was sold to some drug operation after it had been designated for the new animal control compound?

Hey, confound that compound! The leadership knows what to do.

The information may leak before the terrible rumors start. Will anyone in the upper strata provide information on the machine sounds that run day and night in some areas? I hear them in Andersonville every day. While they are more prominent at night, the droning noise certainly suggests that some major activity is well under way.

Why would pumps and compressors be running in the timber lands at all times?

Yes, gold is bold, and we will have to learn to live with it. Well, briefly. Should the heavy metals start to fall from the bateau fleet, it will be too late. The production phase will be the cyanide serenade. Those 30-year mortgages will be copied into the text of many obituaries. Yes, Buckingham is bold for gold. It is for the good of the county. Be comforted that our elected leadership will inform us of what is good for the county.

This generation is more cautious of environmental pollution. The Super Fund site is still with us. The county has made no projection of the amount of lead that will amass during the shooting sprees. Some, but not too much. The current level of toxins will probably overwhelm the lead and other lethal contaminants in a few years. By that time, the smart money will be well on their way to Virginia Beach unless it too is flooded by the Atlantic coast tidal wave. Gracious, none of us came here for the schools or cuisine anyway.

It would be prescient to name the new open pit mine, “the Casino.” Dig local and bet local. It would give notice to the gamers that Buckingham is glad to take your money. Prey, as they know not of what they do.

Quinn Robinson