Explosions reported in Mount Rush

Published 9:25 am Thursday, June 24, 2021

Some Buckingham citizens grew concerned last week after reporting hearing and even feeling loud explosions in the Mount Rush area.

The blasts, which reportedly occurred Friday morning, June 18, surprised many residents. Some citizens even reported feeling their house shake as a result of the sound.

After the booms occurred, members of the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area to investigate while Buckingham County Department of Emergency Services and  county fire departments stood by to monitor the situation and prepare for any further response.

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According to Buckingham County Department of Emergency Services Director Cody Davis, officials investigating the noise believe the sounds were likely the result of an individual sport shooting at Tannerite, an explosive material which can be purchased from sporting goods stores which is often shot at when target practicing.

Davis said while officials believe Tannerite to be the cause of the noise, tangible confirmation was unobtainable.