LETTER — How much more will we tolerate?

Published 6:37 pm Thursday, May 13, 2021

To the Editor:

Karl Popper, in 1945, wrote that unchecked tolerance toward intolerance will lead to total intolerance. Jefferson, in his inaugural speech said intolerance should be undisturbed so long as reason would also be allowed to combat it. In 1971 philosopher John Rawls argued that in a just society, intolerance should be allowed albeit it cannot be allowed to diminish the constitutionally-guaranteed rights of the tolerant.

Today, protesters who are intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view, destroy statues burn businesses and loot and have even committed vial crimes against police and other innocent bystanders, all in the name of “social justice.”

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Radical lawmakers, their media and large corporate partners, (and others) who could otherwise help bring peace back to our neighborhoods, continue to stand by and watch, and in many instances even work to encourage their bad behavior. Pitifully, what these bad actors do not realize is that the only reason they’re allowed to create and/or support the mayhem is because of the very freedom they are working so hard to destroy. 

Stupidity is intentional ignorance. How stupid are they who continue to ignore the greatness of our freedom and the legacy of our own history, regardless of that part some would argue is flawed?

Americans are tolerant by their nature. But how much are Americans willing to overlook before there is an eventual (and a likely very unhappy) ending to this situation?

Peter Kapuscinski