LETTER — We need supervisors who respect the citizens

Published 10:28 am Thursday, April 1, 2021

To the Editor:

Thank you, Roger Watson, for your editorial on Buckingham’s future regarding ‘Poisonous partisanship affecting local governments.’

The situation at the Buckingham School Board meeting with the Board of Supervisors is another distressing example of disrespect and rudeness being used against Buckingham citizens. I was the target of that sort of treatment by the chairman at a Planning Commission meeting last year.

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Another supervisor approached me in the parking lot after the meeting to express disgust at that behavior and suggest, as you do in your editorial, that this person is perhaps not the most qualified to serve as chairperson and that the board may be better served to appoint a member who strikes a more moderate tone to lead these meetings. Unfortunately, I learned that the Planning Commissioner was unanimously elected as chairperson again this year. As the Planning Commissioners are appointed by their district supervisor, this makes it clear that Buckingham County citizens are not being adequately represented.

I think it’s blatantly clear that we need to vote for supervisors who respect those who elect them. It’s time to find those candidates and support them as the current terms end in 2024.

Kenda Hanuman