LETTER – Be ‘woke’ to the light of Christ

Published 12:32 pm Friday, April 30, 2021

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To the Editor:

It is interesting how the word “woke” has become the rallying cry of those claiming to understand the world, while we ignoramuses remain asleep.

Pete Buttigieg, our woke secretary of transportation, sees our interstate highways as having built-in racism. A “Wokie” student at UCLA claims that the public soap dispensers on campus are racist. I had a friend who once said that he ate no “ese” food… Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. While I feel certain our woke society would call him a racist, his culinary preferences did not come from racist feelings but from his sense of taste.

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The Bible teaches us that God wants us to be woke, but not woke to worship ridiculous perceptions. The Scripture says that we should arise from our sleep to the light that Christ gives, Ephesians 5:14. To awaken to His light illuminates a pathway to healing.

This is far better than the dividing “wokeness” coming out of UCLA students and the secretary of transportation. When I use the soap dispenser at Walmart, my concern is not racism but whose hand will the man ahead of me shake having left without washing his.

Lewis Brandt