Buckingham County Property Transfers

Published 5:58 am Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of November. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Barnett Property LLC to Spencer T. Pushard; et al, 5.072 AC, James River District. $24,000.

• Florence A. Batson to Barbara S. Roth, 33/50 AC, Maysville District. $129,500.

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• Titus Calvin Beasley to Kyanite Mining Corporation, 245 AC, Francisco District. $8,000.

• Jarret M. Bryant to Donna Faye Wood, 1.5 AC, James River District. $81,400.

• Buckingham County to In House Pharmacy Partners LLC, 24.8 AC, Marshall District. $600,000.

• Buckingham County Rescue Squad to Buckingham County; et al. Deed Gift.

• Robert Francis Clayton; et al to Robert Francis Clayton; et al. Deed Gift.

• Martha Tatum Clements; et al to Nathan Dunn; et ux, 30.00 AC, Marshall District. $285,000.

• Hattie Cockrell to His Place LLC, 25.0 AC, 19.06 AC, Marshall District. $157,700.

• Copper Mine Associates Inc. to H Curtis Pearson Jr., 247.7 AC, Marshall District. $400,000.

• Christine A. Costello; et vir to William S. Costello Jr. Deed Gift.

• Frederick Earl Dunn; et ux to CMH Homes INC, 2.02 AC, James River District. $10,000.

• Estate of Anne Doris Glisson to JCM III Inc, 96 AC, Marshall District. $325,000.

• Joanne K. Goldade to James W. Seay; et ux, 3.62 AC, Slate River District. $139,000.

• Walter L. Gray to Walter L. Gray; et al. Deed Gift.

• Qallen T. Herndon; et ux to Andrew W. Powell; et ux. Deed Gift.

• Travis A. Hicks; et al to Tavis A. Hicks; et ux. Deed Gift.

• Douglas Wayne Humphrey; ex et to RLP Investment LLC,2.26 AC, James River District. $64,200.

• Mary Kimberly Jones to David Foster Beat, 75.68 AC, Curdsville District. $625,000.

• MC Rentals LLC to Samuel S. Zook; et al, 13.373 AC, Curdsville District. $28,000.

• Monticello Forest LLC to Buckingham Timber Holdings LLC, 808.5 AC, James River District. $1,087,200.

• Monticello Forest to Patteson Pines LLC, 278 AC, 220 AC, James River District. $795,000.

• Rashad Ahmad Najeeluh; et al to Susan Donovan Tinger, 1.965 AC, 1.965 AC, Curdsville District. $74,195.

• H Curtis Pearson Jr; et al to DNA Logging LLC, 237.196 AC, Marshall District. $592,990.

• Cora Lee Perkins to Franklin P. Perkins. Deed Gift.

• Melissa M. Richards Richardson to Kimberly Turner Burrell, 3.0 AC, Curdsville District. $182,700.

• Olin C. Saunders; et ux to Four Palms Properties LLC, 5.000 AC. $7,500.

  Denise Shelton; tr to Denise Shelton. Deed Gift.

• William Lee Shelton to Rosa V. Shelton. Deed Gift.

• Silva Group LLC to Vanessa D. Black; et al, 21.06 AC, James River District. $39,900.

• Ammon P. Stoltzfoos; et ux to Cody Ryan Davis, 14.67 AC, Curdsville District. $55,380.

• Helen Stump to Deanna Fay Harris, 4.944 AC, Maysville District. $75,000.

• Rashonda C. Taylor to Linda W. True; et al, 1.963 AC, Slate River District. $15,900.

• TCF Real Estate LLC II to Haris Lender, 9.0 AC, James River District. $78,000

• Thomas Darrell Tompkins to Billy Jearl Norwood, Jr.. $17,500.

• James C. Townsend Jr.; et al  to Kyanite Mining Corporation, 134.5 AC, 149 ½ AC, Francisco District. $8,000.

• Gerald D. Wagemann to Christian P. Dumont; et al, Lot. $40,000.

• Curtis E. Wharam; et ux to Nukumers Logistics LLC, 2.40 AC, Maysville District. $95,000.

• Rodney J. Whorley; et ux to Travis D. Ford; et ux, 5.00 AC, James River District. $25,000.

• 2877 Bridgeport LLC to Marcus Austin, 4.3 AC, Slate River District. $68,300.