LETTER — No one is a stronger supporter of the police than Bob Good

Published 10:34 am Thursday, March 25, 2021

To the Editor:

I thought that I’d respond to the request for “clarity” expressed in the last edition of The Herald regarding Bob Good’s first year in Congress.

Bob is there to fight the bigotry of “low expectations” that the Democrats express for some minorities when they try to pass laws assuming that some folks are “just not capable” of learning how to vote, and so they open the entire process to fraud, “just not capable” of learning how to obey the law, and so de-criminalize clearly criminal behavior so that “the wrong people” don’t get punished, or “just not capable” of making a living, and so must be paid by the state to live. Bob believes in equal opportunities for all, no matter their race, religion, national origin or whether they’re waiting to be born.

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Bob is also not “getting into bed” with Democratic extremists, who applaud when unarmed protesters are shot and killed while protesting the perversion of the Republic, and who also applaud when armed protesters (who the Democratic leadership explicitly support) burn, loot, and kill in our cities without any punishment, repercussions and no live ammunition in the police guns.

No one is a stronger supporter of the police and military than Bob Good, but he will not be coerced (“Bob, everyone else is doing it, come on and get on board”) into supporting blatantly partisan political gestures. 

Bob is not in Congress to “find new friends” (as your editorial says), at the cool kids’ table. Bob is there to do the job that we, the majority of the voters in the 5th District of Virginia, sent him to Washington to do. He is fully aware of the needs of this district for jobs, economic growth and support of the police and equal treatment of all under the law that we expect, and he’s doing it.

Here’s to many more years in Washington for Bob Good. Good for us, good for Congress.

Lannis Selz

Spout Spring