Bridge trolls have a baby girl

Published 2:16 pm Monday, March 15, 2021

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Sully and Rona, the troll couple that lives under High Bridge on Mill Street in Farmville, have a new addition to their family — and it’s a girl.

Rona, who wed Sully last April, was first seen Thursday morning, March 11, holding her new baby girl.

Bonez and Betty Lou, Sully’s two children who have welcomed Rona into the family, have reportedly been a little uncertain about having to share the spotlight with a baby sister. However, their spirits seemed refreshed Thursday, signaling their readiness to love and look out for her.

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Spot, the dog that Bonez and Betty received last spring, remains perturbed overall but has reportedly checked up on the new baby and offered an inquisitive and possibly affectionate sniff.

The trolls and Spot have been brought to life via the artistic talents of Audrey Sullivan, the founder of Red Door 104, a studio/gallery space on North Main Street.

Sullivan first painted Sully, Bonez and Betty Lou in September 2017, an effort which took seven hours. Then in April 2020, she spent five hours adding Rona and Spot.

Unfortunately, the continuing story Sullivan is painting under the bridge was interrupted by some neon green graffiti recently sprayed over Sully’s body.

“I was grateful it wasn’t his face,” Sullivan said. “They marked up the two children and Rona, but thankfully they were easier to fix. We are going to put a graffiti-proof sealer over them.”

She tended to the repairs Thursday morning when she painted the new baby girl. The baby had been a part of Sullivan’s plans for a while, though.

“When I was painting Rona, I was doing the math,” she said. “I always knew the baby was coming, but my calculations would have put the baby in December. It was a little too chilly for me. She was always part of the plan — I was just waiting for good weather.”

The artist said the baby girl was born at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday after Rona had been in labor for two hours.

“She was a warrior mom, didn’t complain even once,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan suggested the town could help name the baby. Share name ideas on Red Door 104’s Facebook page.

“The trolls are my gift to Farmville,” Sullivan said. “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to bring joy to people through art.”