LETTER — Lots of Election Day questions

Published 6:00 am Friday, November 13, 2020

To The Editor:

Anyone watching what happened during this election should question it. 

Why, in the middle of the election night, did counting get suspended and then suddenly in the next few hours, the next day, candidates completely switch positions? Why did certain districts ignore signature verification? Why were observers blocked at some stations? The candidates deserve a fair election, and most of all, so do voters — citizens of this great country. 

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Without it, unrest — and the only resolution to political differences — will become something much more sinister. The rules, understandably, changed this year to make it convenient for voters. But what is not understandable — or right — is bending the rules to the extent that voting boundaries that must be honored in an orderly election process no longer exist. 

Candidates and voters deserve answers, and if corrections are necessary, they are made, explained and accepted.

The democratic process is a good and healthy political process. It has made America strong, and the envy of many other countries throughout history. It is what binds us. If we do not work to strengthen that process and do all we can to support it, what was once a nation of government chosen by the people of that nation will wither into something unspeakably archaic and most likely racked with chaos and more violence.

Peter Kapuscinski