LETTER — Good would threaten Social Security

Published 6:00 am Friday, October 23, 2020

To The Editor:

A recent letter published in The Herald accused Congressional candidate Dr. Cameron Webb of using dangers to Social Security as a “scare tactic.”

It seems the author of the letter has not been following the news. President Trump has pledged, if reelected, to eliminate the payroll tax, which funds Social Security and Medicare. Without this funding, Social Security will run out of money in just three years. Since Bob Good is a fervent supporter of President Trump, we can assume he endorses this idea — so if elected to Congress, he would be a real threat to Social Security.

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It’s also instructive to compare (via their webpages) the priorities of the two candidates.

Dr. Webb’s lead issue is health care and the COVID pandemic. As a physician, who also has a law degree, he understands the issue and has clear plans to help reform our broken system. Mr. Good’s webpage has no mention of the COVID pandemic or of what he would do to save the health care system. But since he is a follower of President Trump, we can assume that he thinks the botched response of the administration to the COVID pandemic was just fine, and that he supports repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which would eliminate provisions for people with pre-existing conditions and cause tens of millions of Americans — many of them in our district — to lose their health insurance.

President Trump, Mr. Good, and the Republicans have no plan whatsoever to deal with the consequences of such a repeal.

Back to Social Security — strengthening and expanding Social Security is a Democratic Party priority shared by Dr. Webb. Again, not mentioned at all on Mr. Good’s website. Education is another subject on which Mr. Good is silent and for which Dr. Webb has a clear plan for improvement. In fact, if you read the webpages in their entirety, you find that Mr. Good’s page is an appeal to fear and resentment, while Dr. Webb’s page emphasizes hope and solutions to the problems that face the nation.

For these and other reasons, Dr. Webb is the obvious choice to represent us in Congress.

William Shear