Publisher’s Notebook – Goodness and hope

Published 3:24 pm Friday, October 16, 2020

In a year where it seems most everything we know has changed, it’s good to know there are some things we can still count on — the sun still rises every morning and sets every evening, people still go above and beyond to help a neighbor, a friend and even complete strangers. With all the challenges we face these days, it’s important to remember there are many good things in the world, good things in Farmville, in our neighborhoods and homes.

Our cover story highlights a prime example of goodness in our community, of people who care and make a difference. Come along with us and take a trip down the Lee Woodruff Blueway, a four-mile water trail right here in Farmville. Through the cleanup efforts of Woodruff and The Friends of the Appomattox, this outdoor gem is available for all to explore, step away from their cares and get back to nature. We are fortunate.

Spiced Pickled Peaches — wow! Just the name brings up visions of tasty goodness. Dr. Cynthia Wood was kind enough to share this family recipe, and although she recommends spiced pickled peaches on ice cream, with pound cake or mixed with plain yogurt, I think I like her final suggestion best — you’ll have to turn to Page 10 to find out more.

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With acts of goodness comes hope for a better tomorrow. Within these pages are many more examples of goodness in our community, people and organizations that make a difference, those that rise to the challenge and continue to make Farmville a wonderful place to live, work and play. There is goodness and hope here, and we are blessed. As this is a magazine about and for you, we welcome your ideas and invite you to share with us what you would like to hear more about by sending us a note at P.O. Box 307, Farmville, VA, 23901, giving us a call at (434) 392-4151 or sending me an email at Betty.Ramsey@

We publish Farmville the Magazine in the months of March, April, May, summer, September, October, November and December. We invite you to pick up a copy of the latest issue as there is sure to be someone you know inside — a neighbor, a family member, a friend or perhaps even you!

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