Letter – Crossroads needs to take steps to improve

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, October 7, 2020

To The Editor:

I feel fear and hurt by failures of management within Crossroads Community Services Board. Fragile egos, incompetence, arrogance are failing the local public mental health authority of Prince Edward, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, Amelia. Crossroads management appears to disregard the responsibility of providing quality services as evidenced by lack of meaningful support for those aging out of individual educational programs, the closure of day support, residential, supported employment and respite programming the failure to solicit private providers to fill gaps in services. Crossroads management appears to discourage quality of services within remaining programs by an erosion of dignity, commitment and job security of employees through disregard of values.

Local government has the responsibility to ensure the success of public institutions. Success is the reliability of the local government to recognize the needs of the people as the source of authority, make informed decisions, reject misinformation and to meet the expectation of government officials to be virtuous in their performance of duties while vilifying corruption.

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Step 1 – The (Crossroads) board purges itself of the appearance of corruption with a full disclosure of gains/favors by current/former board members that may be viewed in conflict with better judgement. To include any gains/ favors made either personally or to affiliated businesses to immediate family or any other dealings, financial real estate or otherwise. A forensic audit of Crossroads finances is done.

Step 2 – The Board cooperates with making informed decisions through input from all stakeholders, public/ private agencies, current/former staff, individuals served and all those who strive to mitigate the risks and effects of mental health, substance abuse and developmental disorders on individuals and their communities.

Step 3 – The Board successfully meets the needs of the community. I and others can explain in great detail the opportunities these seven counties are missing out on, in the areas of community safety/security, quality of life, economic, moral expectations, etc.

Thomas Woodall