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Letter – Why would we not want four more years of Trump?

To The Editor:

A recent news commentator suggested that Trump should not be reelected because he responded poorly to the virus.

That he did a bad job regarding the virus is hotly debated. Forgetting that debate for just a moment, let’s imagine that his response was lacking. Would that outweigh the great leap forward this country has seen over the last three-and-a-half years?

After eight years of stagnation, President Trump brought this country to life. With tax and regulation cuts, industry started coming home, more jobs for all racial groups, small businesses increased, unfair trade balances began to diminish, hostile foreign powers with a green light to handcuff us were set on their heels. We experienced the best economy in our history.

These three-and-a-half years have revived my deep pride in America. It is beyond my comprehension that someone could say, “Trump is unfit to be reelected because of the virus.” To vote in socialism, high taxes, low economic growth and job restriction, disappearing law enforcement, the loss of American exceptionalism and public safety because we had a portion of a global pandemic, is not just irrational. It is insane.

Would we not want the America we have seen and tasted in the president’s first term to continue for a second? When you ask yourself that question, think about your family before you answer.

Lewis Brandt