Community Healing campaign launches

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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The non-profit Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights (VNDER) announced the launch of its Community Healing Campaign, which begins Monday, Sept. 14, and ends Friday, Oct. 2, on its Facebook page (www.

The campaign will promote opportunities for three components: personal healing (Week 1 – Sept. 14-20), community healing (Week 2 – Sept. 21-27), and therapeutic healing with nature (Week 3 – Sept. 28-Oct. 2).

The group’s campaign will provide live videos, articles, tips, and current projects to connect, empower and heal individuals and communities.

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“It is easy for someone focused on healing and inner transformation to argue that we can’t heal society’s ills until we first heal ourselves,” Katrina Broughman, the community organizer of VNDER, explained. “And, on the other hand, it is easy for someone focused on organizing and systems change to argue that the world has huge and urgent challenges that won’t wait for us to heal ourselves. The problem arises when we don’t heal the emotional and psychological harm that has been caused by systemic inequality. This leads us to burn ourselves out and often replicate the very dynamics we are trying to stop, hurting ourselves and hurting each other. Fortunately, a third perspective is beginning to emerge – one that integrates healing, transformation with therapeutic healing with nature.”

This campaign aims to create an environment where “people are less stressed, happier, and can figure out their lives,” partner Dr. Nancy Insco, CEO of The Institute for Reform and Solutions, said. “We want people coming away feeling better about themselves and with more hope, and to allow people to express their concerns and work on solutions that will work within our communities. They can be small baby steps – so people can feel they have input.”

Organizations, nonprofits, and individuals interested in contributing to this campaign should reach out to The Virginia Network for Democracy and Environmental Rights is located at, and the Institute for Reform and Solutions can be found at