Locally, young people are being infected by virus

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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Piedmont Health District Director Dr. H. Robert Nash has said 30% of the district’s positive coronavirus cases over the last two weeks were from patients under 19-years-old.

Sunday, Aug. 23, Nash gave some updates as to how the health district is looking in terms of COVID-19 figures. He said the seven-county district saw 66 new cases since last week, and advised the Piedmont District is not currently seeing a “surge” in cases.

“However, schools and colleges and universities are just starting back up,” he highlighted.

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Nash said he commends the university students, each of whom he has witnessed wearing a mask while seen walking out on the street.

He added the Town of Farmville’s recent move to limit gatherings to 50 people or less seems appropriate, and added the area is at an approximate 1-2% positive active infection rate for its population.

“We are seeing limited outbreaks in multiple long term care facilities and assisted living facilities, and sadly, some schools already,” he continued.

He added Virginia’s Central Region, which includes Richmond and surrounding counties, appears to be doing much better than the state in terms of average coronavirus cases.

He also said the area is seeing a consistent downward trend in cases and may be headed for a new low in case levels not seen since June.

“Be vigilant and committed. This is not over yet,” he advised.

Things were looking up for the Immigration Centers of America (ICA) Farmville detention center this week. The facility was listed online by the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Monday as only having two detainees currently under isolation or monitoring for the coronavirus.

On Monday the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) listed Buckingham County as having a cumulative total of 634 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, up 14 from 620 cases the week prior.

Cumberland County rose 8 cases since last week for a total of 92 cases.

Prince Edward County was listed Monday as having 466 total cases, up 17 from 449 the week prior.

Lunenburg County was up to 81 cases on Monday, up 11 from 70 cases last week.

Charlotte County rose one case this week, going from 58 to 59 cases.

Nottoway County also rose one case, going from 183 to 184.

Amelia County increased by seven cases, from 85 last week to 92 as of Monday.