LETTER — Removing statue will not solve the problem

Published 6:00 am Friday, August 7, 2020

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To The Editor:

I will not be attending any hearing about this statue.

By removing this statue it will not solve the problem. Some wounds heal but will leave very bad scars.

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Some wounds never heal as in this Town of Farmville Virginia who had a lot of slaves, some churches members were slaveholders who rented them out to pay their ministers.

Some slaves are buried in Westview Cemetery. A few years ago, Longwood College had a digging and removed some of them. Some might still be there.

When the schools were closed for nearly five years, most parents were not able to send their little children away from home. We, the parents, became foot soldiers. We walked and walked seven days a week praying for our little innocent children who lost so much.

We walked more than two miles to shop across Cumberland bridge to buy food. The NAACP helped us back home. We boycotted every store in this town peacefully. We had one of the finest leaders, the Rev. L. Francis Griffin.

We had a few church folks that loved God and his creations, but where were all the rest? I am still wondering.

Sallie Ward