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LETTER — News on postal service crisis needed

To The Editor:

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the United States Postal Service had been atrophying from financial turmoil. Over the past decade, post offices have been closed across the country, rural mail delivery is stretched thin, and thousands of post office workers’ positions have been eliminated.

Investment in new technology — zilch.

The outgoing postmaster general recently warned that without immediate support, the agency could run out of funds within the year, and in that case, might need to shut down.

Now, as the nation heads toward an election where millions more Americans are likely to vote by mail, the agency’s crisis could well threaten the democratic process.  The question for voters is not whether they will be able to go to the ballot box, but whether the postal service will be able to bring the ballot box to them.

As a Farmville resident of long standing, I am stymied by the complete lack of news from The Herald on this topic. Might we have an opinion soon?

Pamela Thorne Kosmach