Cumberland County property transfers

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of March. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Elizabeth A. Shaia to Edward Scott McGough. Deed Gift.

• D. Richard Beam to Edward Scott McGough, 29.26 AC, Hamilton District. $30,000.

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• CMH Homes, INC. to Tiffany Faye Gray, Lot#14 Clinton Farms, Hamilton District. $30,000.

• Wesley A. Layne, Jr. to Barbara Ann Scruggs, 2.047 AC, Madison District. $7,000.

• Kimberly Noehren A K to Gerald D. Hochstetler, Jr., Parcel, Madison District. $58,000.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jay D. Sutton, 3.70 AC, Madison District. $61,501.

• County of Cumberland to Darryl Williams, .49 AC, Randolph District. $4,250.

• County of Cumberland to John William Seal, 1 AC, Hamilton District. $1,700.

• County of Cumberland to Atkins Cabin, LLC, 1 AC, Randolph District. $15,500.

• Joshua T. Bowman to Bianca B. Davis, 1.99 AC, Madison District. $100,000.

• Monticello Forest, LLC to William R. Ranson; Tr; 140.5 AC, ESMT, 40 AC, Madison District. $230,500.

• Better Land Company, LLC to Anthony Kent Jones, Sr., et al, 16.9 AC. $31,000.

• Forrest Yoder to Peters Property Management, LLC, 12.85 AC. Randolph District. $40,000.

• Betty Jo Lester; et al to Billy R. Price; et ux, 23.93 AC, 5.55 AC, 6.43 AC, Madison & Hamilton District. $175,000.

• Daniel L. Banks to Lloyd Banks, Jr. Deed Gift.

• J P Duncan, et al to Michael Scott Wenrich, 3 AC, Randolph District. $180,000.

• Robert W. Anderson, et al to James Nicholson, Parcels & ESMTS, Hamilton District. $155,000.

• Midkiff Timber, LLC to Cumberland Timber, LLC, 130.99 AC & ESMT, Madison District. $195,000.

• Rock River, Inc. to Peter Nikias Kamilakis, Lot 5, Randolph District. $519,096.64

• Samuel Miller Moody to Richard David Moody, Lot No. 187 Blk 2, Hamilton District. $55,000.

• Martin H. Dunivan to Ronald L. Litchfield; et ux, 1.97 AC, Madison District. $190,000.

• Mark L. Baldwin to Matthew Scott Isom, Parcel, Hamilton District. $186,000.

• County of Cumberland, et al to Edward J. Land, Sr, 19.863 AC, Hamilton District. $33,000.

• Virginia I. Lowe to Danny L. Bohn, Lot 5 & 4-A, Madison District. $53,000.

• Robert L. Brown to Nora S. Hamlet, 2.092 AC, Hamilton District. $210,000.

• Pilvinder Kaur to Manage This, LLC, 6.659 AC, Madison District. $1.00.

• Pilvander Kaur to Manage This, LLC, .78 AC, Madison District. $135,000.

• Pilvander Kaur to Manage This, LLC, 3.12 AC, Madison District. $42,000.

• Pilvander Kaur to Manage This, LLC, .540 AC, Madison District. $33,000.

• Pilvander Kaur to Manage This, LLC, .796 AC, Madison District. $70,000.

• Tanager Timber, LLC; et al to Curtis Franklin Marion, 180.90 AC, Madison District. $483,000.

• Stacie A. Lancaster to Renita Trent, 3.538 AC, Madison District. $135,150.

• Darwin J. Mejia-Velasquez; et ux to Nathan Jay Everson; et al, .51 AC, Randolph District. $120,000.

• Robert Wayne Leslie; et al to Robert Wayne Leslie. Deed Gift.

• Bobby N. Yeatts to Robert Hazlegrove; et ux, 6.7 AC, Madison District. $15,000.

• Clarence E. Keefer, III; et uk to Terry Joe Fowler, Lot 136-B, Hamilton District. $162,500.

• Richard A. Bauer to Candice Lauren Wasden, 12.456 AC, Madison District. $193,000.