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Governor should stop pipeline compressor station

Dear Editor:

Gov. Northam made a special address to Virginians on June 2.

He took some action to ease some of the restraints that were in place to control the COVID-19 pandemic. His task was complicated by the social upheaval regarding racial injustice in Virginia, the U.S. and the world. His remarks were the predictable blend of political balm and his hope for calm and unity in Virginia’s future and vague hopes to assuage the status of Americans of color. The events that followed the murder of George Floyd were lamented as tragic and in need of major corrections.

If the governor is really sincere in his desire for real justice, then he needs to withdraw his support for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the compressor station in the Union Hill community. The proper review was quashed by Northam’s manipulation of the boards that evaluate such undertakings. The courts found many flaws with the Dominion plan, yet he continues to support this unjust and unneeded project.

There is a long, long history in the U.S. of the poor and people of color being taken advantage of. I believe we can have justice for all in Virginia and the U.S. by putting the welfare of people before that of big corporations and the rich by looking for alternative paths. The country would be stronger by looking after everyone. The purpose of government, I believe, is to foster sensible avenues for society.

Marie Flowers 

Buckingham County