Zip code data sheds light on Buckingham COVID-19 cases

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) now provides an option to observe positive coronavirus cases by individual zip codes, shedding light on where in Buckingham each of the county’s current 347 VDH-reported cases are coming from.

Following is a comprehensive list of COVID-19 case counts by zip code in Buckingham County. Zip codes listed as “suppressed” mean the district has seen between one and four cases and the specific number is blocked to protect privacy and personal health information. It is important to note that zip codes sometimes cross county lines and that these numbers may not exactly match up with the total number of cases reported in the county.

Arvonia, 23004, 9 cases

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New Canton, 23123, 16 cases

Gladstone, 24553, suppressed

Howardsville, 24562, 0 cases

Scottsville, 24590, 11 cases

Wingina, 24599, suppressed

Buckingham Court House, 23921, 7 cases

Dillwyn, 23936, 311 cases

Knowing that a combined total of 280 inmates from DCC and BKCC, both of which have a 23936 area code, tested positive for the virus as of Wednesday, it can be assumed that approximately 76 members of Buckingham’s non-inmate population have contracted the coronavirus.