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Celebrating graduates from a distance

Although the Class of 2020 has had to miss out on many of the traditional staples of its senior year, Superintendent of Buckingham County Public Schools Dr. Daisy Hicks said this year’s seniors will still be able to receive their diploma via a social distance ceremony.

Daisy Hicks

The ceremony, to be held over the course of three days, June 11, 12, and 15, will give graduates the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and years of hard work.

According to Hicks, each senior from Buckingham High School has been given a time in which he or she will come to the school’s football field to receive their diploma. Parents of the graduates will be able to come onto the field with their child, and immediate family members will be able to watch from outside the fence area.

Hicks said the Class of 2020 will also be able to take a moment during the graduation ceremony to leave their handprints on a large chunk of kyanite graciously donated by Kyanite Mining. The rock, she added, will remain on the school’s field to always honor 2020’s courageous and dedicated seniors.

“Buckingham County community members have been very supportive in assisting us with preparation and donations to make these events possible,” she said.

The poles along Dillwyn’s Main Street were decorated in the last week with banners depicting the names and faces of this year’s seniors in preparation for a Senior Drive Thru parade Friday evening, May 29, serving as another social distance-friendly event to allow graduates a chance to celebrate even in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We wanted to make this celebration a memorable occasion, as it should be, for our seniors and parents,” said Hicks in anticipation of the school’s modified graduation festivities. “As a parent, I know this is a very proud time and a milestone in life, so we wanted to make sure since we could not have a traditional ceremony it was important to make this occasion as special as possible. I am thankful for such dedicated and committed administrators, teachers, staff, school board members and community members because this was definitely a team effort.”