Buckingham County Property Transfers

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of November. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Thomas Rea Albert Sr; et ux to Janne M. Lynch; et vir, 4.643 AC, Slate River District. $235,000.

• Cynthia Ashby-Dungee to David A. Klein; et ux, 25 AC, Francisco District. $20,000.

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• Elijah David Austin Sr; et al to Winnie Austin 4.49 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Charles W. Benhoff to Personal Financial Management, 4.34 AC, James River District. $22,500.

• C. Douglas Branch, et al to William McMullen, 58.439 AC, Maysville District. $105,900.

• Melvin Dean Creasman; Tr. et a to Michael J. Passerell; et ux, 1.1 AC, Slate River District. $22,000.

• Michell W. Crickenberger; et to Rickie D. Allen; et ux, 2.77 AC, Curdsville District. $178,000.

• David Daniels, Tr. et al to Willis River Farm, LLC, 1/5 interest in 3 Parcels, Curdsville District. $27,000.

• George Dykes Jr; et ux to Earnest Fred True; et ux, 3.02 AC, Curdsville District. $135,000.

• Edith V. Harding; et to Edith V. Hardin Earnshaw; et, 9 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Fannie Mae to Lofton Leasing, LLC, 2 AC, Marshall District. $100,485.

• Michele A. Finck to Judith Holcombe Groelke, 38.486 AC, Marshall District. $51,956.10.

• Hester M. Fletcher to Earl B. Snoddy; et ux, 1 AC, Slate River District. $15,000.

• W. Shelton Foster; et ux to Piedmont Habitat for Humanity, .94 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• C. Lindbergh Hardiman; et ux to Kyanite Mining Corp., 4.43 AC, Curdsville District. $20,000.

• George C. Hensley to Clifford Adam Price; et ux, 40.14 AC, Slate River District. $95,000.

• Keith L. Kelly; et ux to Johnathan Anderson, 2.30 AC, Cursville District. $81,900.

• Diane Levinson; et al to Reginald A. Jones; et ux, .94 Ac, and .23 AC, Farncisco District. $80,000.

• Lofton Leasing, LLC to Four Fifty-Five, LLC, 2 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Michael N. Lumpkin to Roger D. Brogan, 1.87 AC, James River District. $13,200.

• Helen A. Miller to Bernard W. Booker, 3 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Bruce W. Morgan; et ux to Clementine Properties, LLC, 13.2 AC, Curdsville District. $47,500.

• Karl A. Panko; et al to Karen L. Panko, 1.674 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Charles W. Patton Sr; et al to Charles W. Patton Sr, 2.43 AC, Curdsville District.

• Elizabeth Hsien-Kee Paul; et to Jerry G. Parkison Jr; et al, 11.06 AC, James River District. $39,000.

• H. Curtis Pearson Jr; et al to Daniel S. Schneider; et ux, 15.020 AC, Slate River District. $200,000.

• Jonathan C. Perkins to Todd C. Bradley, 11.76 AC, James River District. $32,000.

• R. Mac Reeves; et ux to Frankie R. Large Jr; et ux, 84.945 AC, Marshall District. $244,641.

• Daniel J. Roberts; et al to Christopher J. Stockner, 4.444 AC, Maysville District. $154,900.

• Jason Rose to Timothy A. Dodson; et ux, 35.199 AC, and 3.789 AC, Marshall District. $76,000.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel R. Slachta, 1.231 AC, Marshall District. $50,542.

• Spear Mountain Investments, LLC to Aaron Edward Gomer; et ux, Lots, Town of Dillwyn. $65,200.

• Joel Walker to Kathy Huddleston Rondeau, 110 AC and 82 AC, Curdsville District. $16,622.74.

• Martin B. Wangberg; et al to Joseph M. Harmon. $28,030.98.

• 1 Way, LLC to Gary Willoughby; et ux, 41.347 AC and 21.963 AC, Marshall District. $110,000.