Hate the statue? Why move here?

Published 6:00 am Saturday, April 18, 2020

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Dear Editor:

To all the history revisionists who would tear down statues in an effort to ignore and change historical facts, the only question is, “Why?”

Revisionist history doesn’t exist in the real world. There is either fact or fiction. The truth is that what went on in the U.S. during and before the Civil War is what it is.

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Farmville played a key role during that period in history and there are many reasons for that time in our past not to be forgotten — foremost among those reasons is so we never have to relive it. But we should also remember that there are folks in this area who have lived here all their lives whose ancestries go back even long before those bloody years.

Those people are not and should not be ashamed of their heritage — it is part of them. Every one of us has a past and a history that we should embrace and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it defines who we are today.

Those who moved here from other areas who canvass to destroy statues, who decry those who lived here, do nothing more than to insult them and their heritage.

If this area and its history is that loathsome to those people, one has to ask, why stay here, and in fact, why move here to begin with?

Peter Kapuscinski