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Don’t like the statue? Then leave

Dear Editor:

I have been amazed that the statue on High Street is an issue.

I cannot understand why the town is even considering moving the Confederate soldier statue. Legally, I suppose they can due to recent laws passed by the commonwealth but the issue for me is, “The town did not pay for the statue.”

Just because a short-term college president does not want the Confederate soldier statue next to his “Diversity Monument” does not merit hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money being spent to relocate it.

My family has been in this county since the mid-1700s. My great-grandfather was a Confederate soldier and was a Prince Edward County resident and he is buried in the Prospect community cemetery. My family has been here for hundreds of years.

The statue is part of my family’s heritage and I resent anyone that tries to destroy that heritage.

A recent writer to your paper said he was offended by that statue. I am offended by him and his kind that are so challenged that they think history they do not like can be erased. These challenged people are the ones that try to set policy for the rest of us.

My suggestion is as follows:

Leave the statue alone and the people that do not like it can relocate out of the area.

Sam Campbell