Can we appreciate one another’s heritage?

Published 2:15 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020

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Dear Editor:

Sometimes the truth requires an honorable stand. Local citizens, Virginia residents, historians, and other good people are in this fight. If Virginia history, and history in general, bothers some associated with Longwood, and they cannot tolerate a monument, erected over 100 years ago, to honor good people, sacrifice, and history, perhaps these intolerant people should free themselves and the Commonwealth of Virginia from their presence.

Longwood happens to be in the Town of Farmville. A reminder: The school, or some of those associated with it, do not rule the town, the county or the local citizens. We, the people, own the school — our state and federal taxes paid for it. The Confederate soldiers fought for it.

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A thought or consideration: Why don’t we remove all the LU statues/monuments? Some are not personally fond of the contemporary one of Joan of Ark. It is, by some, considered somewhat ugly, offensive, and not a true depiction of the person it is supposed to represent.

The taxpayers are tired of paying for and supporting crazy politically correct ideas. Did the complainers ever serve in the military? The Civil War was brutal as all wars are brutal. Neither the North nor the South were blameless, but it was the politicians who were, ultimately, at fault. The ones who fought had little choice in the matter. They, generally, were good people. Often, they were but youngsters, with little say over anything. They certainly were not, for the most part, owners of slaves.

Please, can we not let the dead, and history, rest in peace? God has and will judge all.

Keep the innocent and blameless soldier standing where he has always stood and belongs.

Can’t we all be tolerant and appreciate one another’s heritage?

Gary G. Barton