We are sick and tired of hate

Published 6:11 am Friday, March 13, 2020

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Mr. Peca’s latest letter deserves a response. 

His open-minded view appears to be more reflective of frustration in that whatever he supports is, lately, getting less attention by most Americans who simply want one-sided hate rhetoric to disappear.  He isn’t alone. 

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Congressman Schumer spews his hateful disrespect toward Supreme Court justices who don’t side with his views.  And you can add Tlaib, Omar, Nadler, Schiff, AOC, and others to those leaders who use this new wave of vitriolic discourse.

So there’s no surprise when a gang of 15 boys beat a teen-aged girl to steal her shoes in NYC, or when some left-wing radical shoots a congressman playing a baseball game, or another left-wing wacko spits on some peaceful demonstrator with whom she disagrees. After all, it’s what these people are witnessing from their leadership – their heroes.

So why not act uncivil and start trouble?

It’s all part of getting noticed when folks are just sick and tired of watching and hearing hate. My guess is that for most other Americans, we would much rather hear and see leaders and other public figures begin discussing fixes to our problems instead of spewing their unleashed and uncivil emotionally racked and slanted, one-sided discourse. How stupid is it to be a “follower.”

Mr. Peca should offer something interesting for a change, like an idea. And by the way, I doubt there’s any proof that all racists vote Republican. I don’t gamble, but I would bet on that guess.

Peter Kapuscinski