Schmidt responds to letter writer

Published 2:53 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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In response to, “We are adrift in a sea of misinformation”, never were truer words spoken.

Some are also prone to believing what they want in deference to floating in a sea of truth. The author of this letter took issue rejecting the assertion that President Trump has accumulated a laundry list of accomplishments during his administration. That all the records being set by Trump are really actions owed to President Obama- just now bearing fruit.

Democrats from all walks of life loudly predicted in 2016 if Trump became president, he would utterly destroy the economy. Wall Street didn’t agree with that. All the employment and economic records presently being broken had to have Trump’s fingerprint on it since the economy wasn’t destroyed but, rather, flourished under Trump. Since the economic prophets of doom were proven wrong, Trump must of done something right deserving credit for the present prosperity.

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If this assertion that the present economy has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with Obama, why are the Democrat candidates running for president not making a prominent point of that during debates and campaign stops? Why are they allowing Trump to steal Obama’s thunder? If they say anything at all, they deride this economy saying it has done nothing for the blue-collar worker. Democrats cast dispersions on this economy on one hand but, if there is anything good about it, we need to thank Obama. Typical Democrat reasoning of taking both sides of the same issue to ensure they come out winners.

For anyone to say Trump’s name and reputation hasn’t been dragged through the mud must live in a cave. The names routinely thrown against Trump are so vulgar they are not fit to be printed. If socialism is not a form of government, what does USSR mean? Why did Russia incorporate “Socialist” into who they are as a country?

Lest we forget, NAZI stands for, “National Socialism” which was Hitler’s identity and form of government. Fake news has always been scattered on the surface as easy pickings for the gullible. The truth has to be dug after by those few determined enough to find it.

KARL SCHMIDT lives in Prince Edward County. His email address is