We need better grocery options

Published 11:58 am Thursday, March 26, 2020

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Dear Editor:

Once again the poor state of grocery shopping in Farmville has made itself known.

As a senior citizen, I decided that until concerns over the coronavirus have subsided, it may behoove me to avoid grocery stores.

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I realize some of the grocery stores have offered certain hours for seniors to shop, but I’d prefer to avoid going in any stores. I heard Food Lion offered a pick-up service and promptly went online to register and place my order. My order came to just under $50.00. Then I attempted to make the pick-up in Farmville.

The list of Food Lion stores offering this service included stores far and wide – including some very rural locations in Virginia and North Carolina. What was missing was the Farmville location.

I called the store and got a vague excuse of why this store wasn’t offering pick-up services. So my $50 will be spent in Amelia County at that Food Lion.

I already spend approximately $450 per month going to Costco and another $200 online for vitamins and affordable health conscious choices. Thank goodness for Millers which has become my go-to grocery store in Farmville.

What happened to the grocery store survey and team that was going to make improvements in this area? When is Prince Edward County going to improve their grocery options? In the meantime, a great deal of my tax dollars are being spent elsewhere.

Wish it could be different.

Joan Kruzicki