Thoughts on radical immigration changes

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Fair or not, when Representative Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and/or Omar co-sponsor a law being proposed, it deserves a second look.

HR 5383, the New Way Forward Act, was introduced by Illinois Representative Jesus Garcia in December. The document probably won’t be read thoroughly due to its confusing and verbose language.

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Simply stated, the bill makes it possible for illegal aliens previously deported for criminal reasons, to re-enter the United States. It further leaves the decision to immigration judges without the interference of Homeland Security or any other law enforcement agency that currently has the ability to police such situations.

In addition, taxpayers would foot the bill for transporting these people back to the United States, regardless from where, to apply for their re-entry. Interested readers can search the text of the bill and will find Title 3 through the end of the text quite informative.

There is a need for the United States to revisit our laws effecting legal entry into our country. However, radical laws like this one only serve to put Americans more ill at ease. And in spite of those who claim it is a way to improve community relations, it does the opposite, dividing our citizens further, making our community differences more pronounced and hostile. Radical change is another source of chaos. Revolution is rooted in chaos and lawlessness.

The question should be asked of those who promote such radical changes in our laws. Is this what they are attempting to design?

Peter Kapuscinski