There is no gun problem in Virginia

Published 9:00 am Friday, February 28, 2020

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The first swipe to ban guns/magazines in the Virginia legislature failed. Still, the core philosophy by which Democrats desire to govern demands unflinching dependency on government to solve everything. This doctrine of Democrats runs so deep, they seek indispensability to fix … what isn’t broke.

Gov. Northam wants an assault rifle ban for Virginia to save lives. There is no case or history of mass shootings in Virginia carried out by an assault style rifle. The Virginia Tech and Virginia Beach shootings were carried out with pistols.

With no precedent of crime by assault style rifles in Virginia, Northam and other Democrats still desire to fix what isn’t broke with bans, confiscation and constitutional infringements. Another Virginia Democrat proposed a bill to shut down gun ranges … how does that save lives ?

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The Democrats who are doing the bidding of Michael Bloomberg are not about saving lives. They are on a crusade to punish honest gun owners who enjoy their Second Amendment rights too much.

There is no critical issue in Virginia involving AR-15 type rifles, but the Democrats are whipping one up they intend to resolve.

The magazines that affix to these rifles are typically 20 to 30 rounds. The proposed law reads: any magazine over 12 rounds will be made illegal. The gun industry does not make 12-round magazines for these rifles. Will they?

Even so, it’s naïve/absurd thinking 12-round magazines can save lives in any mass shooting. This entire Democrat driven topic is quite insane (or quite maniacal) to any knowledgeable gun people.

Over the decades, people have purchased no end of these cheaply made magazines likely scattered throughout a home and garage as are pliers and screwdrivers. The law proposed demands narrowly combing through every box and corner of buildings/hunting camps to find and dispose of these magazines lest they become a criminal.

Is this saving lives in Virginia? Is this fighting crime? Certainly not. It’s political harassment channeled by vindictive Democrats whose hatred of guns and gun owners runs so deep, they can justify shutting down harmless gun ranges.

In 1994, Bill Clinton thought it necessary to outlaw assault-style weapons implementing a 10-year ban (also) fraught with arbitrary definitions of what constitutes an assault-style rifle. Clinton got his ban but paid dearly for it politically, losing the majority of the House and Senate for nearly the next 20 years. Stats showed the ban had no impact on deaths by rifle.

If the past can be prolog, the voting gun owners of Virginia may well do (come the next election) what befell Bill Clinton back in 1994. There is no gun problem in Virginia that demands fixing at the cost of scrapping the Constitution.

The Democrat gun legislation thus proposed demonstrates a penned up angst against gun owners propelled (not by necessity) but by an unprovoked vendetta focused to punish the guiltless.

Michael Bloomberg is visiting political firearms tyranny on Virginia.

A Google search of deaths by assault rifles can’t be found. The figures are so low, the stats are lumped with deaths by all rifles, which combined, are extremely low.

Karl Schmidt lives in Prince Edward County. His email address is