Letter – Why would I vote Democrat? I will tell you why

Published 12:26 pm Thursday, February 20, 2020

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I am well aware of the demons within my party: violent anti-theists and war protesters, PETA, Communists, out-of-control unions, over-powerful governmentalists, welfare sucklers, unlimited abortionists, and people who don’t only hate guns but they hate people, like me, who love guns. So, why would I still vote for a Democrat on March 3?

While canister shot cut through Union lines at Sharpsburg, less than 75 miles away, Republican conservatives ferociously rejected Emancipation. When Roosevelt introduced the FDA for obvious reasons, conservatives cried with grief for the free market. While people starved in bread lines, conservatives rejected FDR’s New Deal and Social Security as “enslavement of the workers.”

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Generations later, people and animals dropped dead from a chemical called DDT, and still conservatives were furious over new regulations on pollution. When the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were debated, conservatives were against them. As hundreds of thousands of black Americans marched for the right to ride the bus or even eat at the counter, conservatives said these people had no place in civilized society. Here legally or not, we hold immigrants in concentration camps today which only lack the ovens with which to dispose of disease riddled, malnourished bodies; separated from each other and categorized in eerie similarity to Auschwitz. Even senators aren’t given access without many weeks notice.

By the time of Kennedy, the party values had completely changed. Lincoln’s and Roosevelt’s GOP has long been dead. There is no room for change in the Republican party. It has been hijacked by the exact same hatred which brought Germany it’s chancellor in 1933. Hatred of everything; immigrants in general, gays, blacks, languages that aren’t English, water without lead, air without chemicals, non-Christians and any Democrat. Humans have an incredible inability to learn from our past.

Tom Noehren